The 7 at Hudson’s Bay

I’m pretty sure that the director of the marketing team at Hudson’s Bay sat down one day with their team and asked, “How can we attract millennials to Hudson’s Bay?”. Thus, #the7TO was created.

The 7 is a collection of fun, colourful and Instagrammable mini photo op walls/spaces on the 7th floor of Hudson’s Bay (Queen Street Toronto). The name is a play off of Toronto’s nickname: “The 6”. The quirky art on this floor opened up on Mon, Jan 21 and is going to be open until the end of winter (there is no official closing date so far). It is free for the public to enjoy and take photos for as long as they wish. In addition to the hallway of changing themes from shiny silver, helium-filled balloons to a rainbow room to a rose-filled corner, there is a shallow ball pit to stride through and sometimes a DJ to liven up the floor. It seems that the exhibit is meant to attract consumers to the Hudson’s Bay and to bring awareness to Kleinfeld Toronto which is also on the 7th floor. It’s a fun way to spend time with your friends, and a sure way to add a splash of colour to these slushy and grey winter days. Let me show you what to expect when you step out of the elevators.

IMG_9049 2

“May I take your coat?” -the friendly dinosaur


Awww it’s a newborn baby girl!!


Enjoy the butterfly ceiling


I hear wedding bells


A cute little ball pit


Love this helium balloon wall with words like “happy” and “cheers”. Very decorative


A hallway with four different squares: silver balloons, rainbow, black/white, and roses


The rose wall (the flowers are made of tissue paper, no fragrant scents here)


Still lovely though!


Pointing the way to Kleinfeld, a destination store for designer wedding dresses

Millennials featured in this article: @allofmei_


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