Millennial Spotlight with Brian

Brian Do ( Age: 21 | Profession: Commerce, Economics and Finance Undergrad Student Brian is a well-rounded millennial who is pursuing an ambitious Double Major in Commerce and Economics and a Specialist in Finance at UofT.… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Sarah

Sarah Chan (@sebbyconfetti | Age: 26 | Profession: Freelance Illustrator Sebby Confetti is Sarah’s platform to share quirky, whimsical creatures (like the fantastic Cat-Bird!) with the world. You can find her drawings on the… View Post

It’s Time to Get your Christmas Shopping Done at the One of a Kind Show

The One of A Kind (OOAK) winter show is a holiday favourite for Torontonians. The show runs from Thurs, Nov 22 to Sun, Dec 2, 2018 this year at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place.… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Fung (Twitter: @kaitlynfungi) Age: 22 | Profession: Community Food Liaison When the world is focused on labeling millennials as attention-seeking, selfie lovers – there is Kaitlyn to prove that there are indeed millennials that… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Lawriee

Lawriee H. (@lawrieekh) Age: 24 | Profession: Middle School Teacher Lawriee is a gifted and inspiring teacher both inside and outside of the school institution. Toronto students from grades 4-10 know her as a passionate… View Post