Millennial Spotlight with Arash

5-min read Arash Algouneh (@aalgouneh) Age: 23| Profession: Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Master’s Student Arash is a studious, intelligent individual pursuing a career in medical sciences that will truly make an impact on our generation. He… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Jackie

5-min read Jackie Lee (@getjackiedup | @jackiekclee) Age: 25 | Profession: User Experience Design Student Jackie is a multifaceted, complex individual who has diverse skills and experiences that cannot be packed neatly into one box. Among many… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Kami

10-min read Kamelia Valkova (@thefungalnaturalist | LinkedIn: Kamelia Valkova) Age: 26 | Profession: Nature Clubs Coordinator & Naturalist Teacher Kami is an ambitious millennial that has a fiery, unstoppable drive within her to be a… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Sarah: “Most of us want to show a successful side but, in reality, everyone is trying their best to navigate their own sets of struggles and difficulties in their journey, and we should all pat ourselves on the back for that.”

Sarah Chan (@sebbyconfetti | Age: 26 | Profession: Freelance Illustrator Sebby Confetti is Sarah’s platform to share quirky, whimsical creatures (like the fantastic Cat-Bird!) with the world. You can find her drawings on the… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Aurora: “I come from a Lithuanian-Ukranian background and feel a great attachment to my heritage when I make sauerkraut, so making kimchi felt like a natural and fun way to continue my fermentation journey.”

Aurora Lavender (@lavenderpreserves) Age: 25 | Profession: UofT Grad Student This generation is obsessed with DIY projects when it comes to food, plants, gifts, art, etc. Aurora found herself getting into the craft of fermenting… View Post