Seven Lives: My Go-To Taco Spot

Seven Lives is a small but mighty restaurant specializing in Baja-style tacos (originating from the Baja region in Mexico). The word “restaurant” may be deceiving because it is more of a tiny storefront with two tables – one that you can sit at and one standing table. If you come here, expect to buy your food and eat quickly inside or outside because it gets crowded, especially around lunch time. There are just so many people that love these tacos! I love this place because it specializes in just one meal and the staff cook with 100% of their attention. I find that Kensington Market has alot of food stores that specialize in just one thing like french fries, chicken and waffles, etc. and they cook that food with all their heart.

The beauty of the menu is that it is so simple but the meats, seafood and vegetables they choose to put in their tacos are quite diverse. I always go for the Baja Fish and Gobernador because I am a big fan of seafood tacos! If you can handle spicy food then I would go for the Camarones a la Diabla, and if you like the more exotic seafood dishes then definitely try the Pulpo a la Mexicana (grilled octopus!). There’s a good selection of meat tacos that are cooked with very flavorful sauces and spices, and there is also one vegetarian taco.

I’ve heard “Eat local” but… “Eat locals”?!

Baja Fish (fried haddock) and Pollo Asado (spicy grilled chicken) tacos

Pulpo a la Mexicana (grilled octopus) taco on the right

Oh my goodness these tacos are perfect.

The sauce on the Baja Fish taco goes so well with the fried haddock, and the cabbage makes the taco taste refreshing. On the Pollo Asado, you can just see how juicy the chicken is! The texture of the chopped grilled octopus in the Pulpo a la Mexicano is just right, and the corn tortillas are crispy and not too thick. There’s something about the sauces that is wildly addicting. You can probably have 2-3 tacos to be full, and it’s not too expensive at $6+tax per taco. I really, really recommend this place if you’re in the mood for Mexican food.

You can eat your tacos quickly at this standing table

Have you been to Seven Lives? What are your thoughts on their tacos? Let me know in the comments below!

Millennials featured in this article: Patrick Gurges (@patrickgurges)

Seven Lives
69 Kensington Ave
Toronto, ON M5T 2K2
*Accepts cash only

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