About Me

Hello friends,

My name is Laura Nguyen and I am the Toronto-based millennial that manages this blog. A bit about me: I was born and raised in Cabbagetown, left Toronto for a bit to experience the thrill of suburbia in Vaughan and Richmond Hill, and returned to go to school at UofT. I completed my undergrad in 2017 and am set to graduate with a Master of Forest Conservation in June 2019. There’s alot that I love about the city, so this is my platform to share that with you in writing and photography. If you see me outside I will usually have a bulky Canon strapped to my neck. I really enjoy taking photos – unless otherwise indicated, all the photos on this blog are taken by me. I chose to name this blog “Toronto Millennial” because there are alot of great millennials out there doing good things and contributing their best work to society. I hope to show the better side of our generation to counter the sea of negative, often undeserved, stereotypes that comes with the title.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy, and I hope to see you again!

Contact Info
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Email – manager@torontomillennial.ca
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