Millennials: Who Are We?

When the obsession over duckface evolves into an obsession over the world’s largest rubber duck

Technically speaking, individuals in Generation Y – those born between 1977 and 1995 – are considered millennials but the definition of millennials is not consistent and continues to be debated. Some people use the word as a slur. Others say it with pride. For me, alot of things come to mind when I think of millennials.

Millennials wear alot of hats. Many of us seek out a stable profession, but we were born into a lifestyle where the side hustle is very real. We adapted and learned to juggle different roles and responsibilities. It’s hard for us to fit into a clay mould, because we would reject it and create a digital hologram of ourselves instead. Though the Information Age connects us all, the network of millennial voices is far from homogeneous.

I am a millennial. Millennials are my friends. We are a group of people doing good in the world and contributing wonderful things to our society. There are many things that people associate with this group, for example, a good majority of us are social media-savvy, eco-conscious, educated, animal-friendly, latte-loving, travel-hungry, and food-obsessed people. Just look under the Toronto Millennial logo at the top of this blog to see all the cute icons that I think showcase millennials somehow (ihalo krunch charcoal icecream anyone?! And you’ve gotta love Sanrio’s Gudetama egg…). In Millennial Spotlight, I captured what millennials have to say about our generation, and I would like to welcome you to meet some of these real Canadian millennials. It is my hope that you will connect with us, see us in a new light, and hopefully learn something new.

So please enjoy. And, most importantly, “don’t forget to like, share and subscribe”.

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