Millennial Spotlight with Maxine

Having fun with fall leaves!

Maxine Veneracion (@artofmaxinevee)
Age: 25 | Profession: Artist & Illustrator at a Gaming Company

Maxine is an illustrator in Toronto that has created a large portfolio of hyper-realistic characters that look like the ones you would find in your childhood games. She practiced traditional art at school and found herself later getting into graphic illustration and photography on her spare time. She is an inspiring artist that never stops developing new, unique creations to share with the world!

You can check out her work on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Read more about Maxine’s thoughts on our generation below in today’s Millennial Spotlight.

1. What traits do you have that you think you share with other millennials?
The trait I share with millennials is that we act on our wanderlust and want to gain experiences by exploring the world. With social media platforms like Instagram that allow us to to share our stories and photos from different places, we find ourselves wanting to experience local culture, try new food and exciting activities.

2. How do you think people perceive millennials? Do you agree/disagree?
I have seen some parody videos poking fun on millennial’s lifestyle and I personally caught myself chuckling a few times. I feel indifferent when it comes to what people say about millennials because older generations have always been criticizing younger generations for thousands of years.

3. Can you tell me a little bit about your work? How does it relate to our generation?
I am a full time artist working at a mobile gaming company in Toronto. I design characters, game assets and collaborate with my team to create UX designs. I think my role as a digital artist at a mobile gaming company speaks volumes about how there are so many opportunities to grow in the creative field. It’s so easy to share and showcase your work now which would not have been possible years ago when artists relied on galleries or sales to make a living.

4. You have a huge fan following of your art on Instagram. Can you tell me about what inspired you to post your art online and what response you have received from the online community?
When I was a teenager I joined a couple of forums that allowed artists to share their work so I contributed a few of my artworks from time to time. Ever since Instagram started, a lot of artists transitioned to sharing their work on this platform so I also decided to try it out. I actually started sharing my photography before sharing my artwork since at that time I was very interested in nature photography. However, during my last year in university, I started to take art seriously so I went back to Instagram again but this time I posted the work I have been doing in classes which are mostly traditional paintings and drawings.

After discovering more artists on Instagram, I realized a lot of the artists I looked up to were using Photoshop to create their work. I was so inspired by these works that it made me want to instantly buy a tablet and try it out myself. Ever since my transition to digital art, I’ve been drawing and posting regularly. So far, the responses I’ve received are very positive! I really love the art community on Instagram since everyone there is so engaging and incredibly supportive. Not to mention there’s always challenges or events to participate in so those are really fun to do. I’ve even became friends with several artists there and am still thankful and a little starstruck for that since they are super talented!

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