Making a Trip to the Real Friends Apartment in Greenwich Village


If you watched the Friends series a hundred times like my sister and I, you would be pretty psyched to visit the actual apartment building where Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and for a little bit – Phoebe, all live. About 85% of the episodes are filmed inside Monica’s apartment and the coffee shop, Central Perk, downstairs. The real apartment and the coffee shop are studio sets that are not actually inside this building, but the exterior of this building is seen in many shots throughout the show (i.e. during the theme song, during transitions, etc.). As fans of the show, we felt a strong desire to visit the building when we came to New York just to complete our Friends experience.


The building address is 90 Bedford Street and it is located at the intersection of Bedford and Grove. It can be found in Greenwich Village which is on the west side of Manhattan, New York City. Greenwich Village is a really chic neighbourhood with great restaurants, shops and parks, so it was nice to hang out around and explore after admiring this Friends staple. Little Owl, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food, is located at the bottom of the building. You can see in the above photo that a yellow taxi cab sped by as I was taking a photo of the building – I thought it was cool as it added a bit of New York energy to the shot!


Friends references so many places in New York other than this building, including Bloomingdales where Rachel works (1000 Third Ave), Lucille Lortel Theatre where Joey performs (121 Christopher St), Central Park, and Washington Square Park. I don’t know how to explain the urge to visit a place that is just shown on a TV series, but I went anyway and I enjoyed it! It’s like Lord of the Rings fans going to New Zealand to see where the hobbits lived, or Harry Potter fans going to London to visit Platform 9 3/4. Friends is just one of those shows that you watch over and over again because you find it comforting. I’m glad I got to visit this iconic building which made the show what it is!



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