Inside Montreal’s Cozy Cat Cafe: Café Chat L’Heureux


Welcome to Montreal’s finest cat cafe!

Café Chat L’Heureux was everything I expected from a cat cafe and more. My friends have been telling me all about Montreal’s fantastic cat cafe scene and I was dying to make a stop here as I absolutely love cats. The interior was really impressive. It looks like a cat planned the design because it honestly felt like a feline playground inside. There are plenty of nooks and areas for the cats to play and hide, including shelves on the walls to act as steps for the cats, a horizontal boardwalk under the ceiling for them to walk above the customers, and rooms that are not accessible to customers so the cats can get some space and privacy when needed (this is vital for the cats comfort!). There are eight cats in total at this cafe that are all adopted from local Montreal shelters. Their names are Gustave, Sheldon, Milady, Luzerne, Luciole, Luna, Mousse, and Pixel.

There is no entrance fee to enter this cafe. Most people come to enjoy the company of the cats, but I was also surprised to see really enticing food on the menu. My meal ended up being delicious, and I would have come here for the food & drinks even if there were no cats at all. I kept thinking that the atmosphere inside the cafe was really sweet. Maybe it was the time of day that I went, or that Montreal has more of a family atmosphere compared to Toronto, but there were lots of curious children watching the cats, young people just reading books or studying, and families enjoying the afternoon. It was a really peaceful vibe, and the friendly staff definitely add to that. Overall, I’m so happy I had this stop on my Montreal itinerary, and I would 100% recommend it to friends and visit again. I wish I lived in the neighbourhood to relax here more often!

Take a look at the photos I took at the cafe below. I organized them into the following categories: the space, the food, the cats, the customers, the decor, and the products. Hopefully you get to visit one day too!

The Space


The Food


“Cat Lady” gourmet grilled cheese


Espresso with three mini desserts: French caramel bread, brownie, and cheesecake

The Cats

The Customers

The Decor

The Products


Have you been to Cafe L’Heureux? Share your experience in the comments below!

Cafe L’Heureux
172 Duluth Est
Montreal, H2W 1H3


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