Get your Fluffy Japanese Pancakes at Cafe Bon Bon

Cafe Bon Bon tables and open kitchen layout

Fluffy, Japanese pancakes have been all the rage recently. Those with a sweet tooth and those without will both enjoy this well-crafted dessert. I think the success of Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake may have contributed to the growth of Japanese pancakes because they are both light, airy desserts containing less sugar that are replacing the more dense, sugar-heavy, Western foods. Is it possible that we are shifting towards these meals because we are becoming more health-conscious? Maybe. It also may be possible that I am playing up a naturally unhealthy dessert and ignoring the heaps of sugar and butter in it. We’ll never know.

Chicken sandwich

Since we came around dinner time, we ordered some food before the pancakes. This place doesn’t just do cafe drinks and desserts, but they also make substantial meals that will fill you up and make your belly happy. The chicken sandwich had melted cheese spilling out of it and that is really my weak spot. It was delicious!

Japanese souffle pancakes!

These pancakes were honestly so airy in my mouth that it felt like I was eating a cloud. Think cotton candy but for a pancake that just melts away without leaving a trace of sugary after-taste on your tongue. I loved it! The pancakes are totally different from a breakfast pancake because they are a dessert more than they are a savoury breakfast meal. So keep that in mind.

I love when new cafes and restaurants have a pristine, minimalist and plant-based interior decorating scheme going on. Cafe Bon Bon has a golden heart made of balloons to welcome you at the entrance, little cacti all along their tables, and plants in the middle of the restaurant on a golden shelf. I’m a fan.

Have you been to Cafe Bon Bon? How did you like the food? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Find out more about Cafe Bon Bon on their website.

Cafe Bon Bon
550 Highway 7 East (Unit 89 and 90)
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3Z4

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