Experiencing Holiday FOMO? Read This


Why feel FOMO when you can spend your days all by your lonesome as a humble, happy snowman making snow angels with no troubles on your mind at all?!

“FOMO”, or “Fear Of Missing Out”, is a very real feeling that some people might experience over the holiday season. In just one day of scrolling through social media, you will discover that there are 100+ exciting events happening in and around the city right at this very moment. I feel really fortunate to live in a city where there is so much choice and variety for things to do and see, but it can be overwhelming sometimes especially when you hear about all these events and want to be everywhere all at once! If you are experiencing FOMO, just know that you are not alone and there are some things you can remind yourself of when the FOMO kicks in.

Your Main Priorities Matter!
If you are enrolled in school or have a job, then it can be hard to make time to get out and enjoy the festivities during your little time off. Seasonal events may come and go before you even get the chance to think about going to them! On top of studying, working, running errands, seeing family and friends, and making time for yourself, going out for the holidays might feel like another stressful thing to add to your already full plate. Take your pick and enjoy the events that you do choose to go to, and remember that your main priorities matter and it’s okay to spend time at home doing your laundry instead of going out to a Christmas market tonight.

Try to be Mindful about the Way You Engage with Social Media
When we log onto social media at this time of the year, we are seeing endless photos of Christmas perfection. When you compare yourself to others and what other people are doing, it might make you feel depressed, anxious, jealous, or inferior. There are countless studies that talk about the negative effects that social media has on our mental health, and sometimes we just need a quick reminder to be mindful about the way we engage with social media platforms. Maybe your FOMO is a sign that you should reduce the time you spend looking at other people’s perfectly curated Instagram feeds (that may not even be as perfect as they seem).

Instead of Going Out to Every Event, Go Out to One Thing You Really Want to Do
Your exciting list titled “50 Holiday Events I Must Go To This Year” might end up being more exhausting than it is fun. Instead of going out to every single event happening every single night of December, think about the things that you really want to do this year and do those select few instead. It’ll be much more enjoyable, and you won’t feel like you are just checking places off your list just to say that you’ve “been there, done that”. If you go to a few events, then you can really be present in those moments and cherish the memories you create. The quality time that you spend somewhere is more important than the quantity of events you go to.

Connect with Friends & Family in Real Time
One of the best things you can do when you feel left out and alone is to actually connect with your close friends and family and catch up with them. Disconnect from social media for a second, catch up with what other people are doing this holiday season, and overcome FOMO for good! One phone call with a friend can really help to improve your mood. This might even result in plans being made to enjoy some winter festivities!

Take Yourself Out on A Cute Holiday Date
Let’s face it. Sometimes the schedule that you have and the schedule that your best friends have never seem to line up. People are busy. If you are trying to plan something last minute it’ll be even harder to organize a sweet little holiday get together. If this is the case, you should take yourself out on a night on the town! If you are waiting for someone to be free to go to an event, you might just miss it. You can enjoy holiday events all by yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that in the slightest. You spend 100% of your time with yourself, so you might as well plan your holiday date night as if you were going out with the Queen (because you are!).

Act on Your FOMO In a Positive Way
Having a fear of missing out is a negative emotion that you need to acknowledge, move on from, and turn into positive energy. If you are feeling upset about seeing photos of your cousin on a lavish vacation in the Bahamas while you are stuck watching a snow storm from your couch, then maybe you can use how you feel to your advantage and spin the situation into a positive one. Maybe you can’t take that vacation now, but you can use this time to save money, book time off work, do some research, and travel to a place you’ve always wanted to go to later. Act on that fear of missing out by planning a new adventure for yourself that you know you’ll enjoy.


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