Cute Prizes & Fun Games at Canada’s Wonderland

Loving this sea of yellow pikachu!

Canada’s Wonderland is known for its thrilling rides (I wrote all about it here), but did you know that there are tons of games to play as well? There are carnival-style games, arcade games and games you can only find at Wonderland like the basketball game near Behemoth and stair climbing game by the 3D theater. For some reason, we got to play Wac-A-Mole for only $2 (I remember it being alot more expensive than this), so I can only imagine the low prices for the other games. With a price like that, you can play so many times! Here are some of the other games and prizes found at the park.

Fun games around the park:

Can you get one in to win?

FIFA-inspired soccer game

Basketball inside one of the arcades  

Cute prizes around the park:

Hug me!

Nostalgic Powerpuff girl plushes

Ditto from Pokemon – why does this remind me of the dentist?

Morty from Rick & Morty

You can learn more about Canada’s Wonderland at their website.

Leave a comment below letting me know your favourite game/prize!

Photo credit goes to this millennial: Patrick Gurges (@patrickgurges)

Canada’s Wonderland
1 Canada’s Wonderland Drive
Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6

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