Millennial Spotlight with Sophia

Sophia Christou (@sophia_christou17) Age: 23 | Profession: Graduate Student Sophia is an adventurous, intelligent, well-travelled millennial who lives between Toronto and Denmark. She has stories to share from all around the world, and her travel experiences… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Jasmine

Jasmine Solange (@s_by_solange) Age: 25 | Profession: Entrepreneur Jasmine is an artistic, creative soul who is chasing her dreams at full-speed and not letting anything stand in her way. I am pleased to talk with… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Fruzan

15-min read Fruzan Nijrabi (@fruzloops) Age: 23 | Profession: Marketing Analyst Fruzan is an ambitious individual that recently launched her career in marketing at an organization based in the heart of downtown Toronto. She is… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Arash

5-min read Arash Algouneh (@aalgouneh) Age: 23| Profession: Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Master’s Student Arash is a studious, intelligent individual pursuing a career in medical sciences that will truly make an impact on our generation. He… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Jackie

5-min read Jackie Lee (@getjackiedup | @jackiekclee) Age: 25 | Profession: User Experience Design Student Jackie is a multifaceted, complex individual who has diverse skills and experiences that cannot be packed neatly into one box. Among many… View Post