Baka Cafe: A Nature Inspired Gallery-Cafe Hybrid

Baka Gallery Cafe is so much more than a place that serves hand-crafted lattes and freshly poured coffee. It is a meeting spot for residents in Bloor West Village (Toronto’s west end). It is an art gallery where local artists have the chance to display their creations. It is a dynamic community hub. All these things make it a precious local gem that you must check out!

The food and drink in this cafe is made with care and love as inspired by “Bakas” all over the world (“Baka” is Croatian for “grandmother”). This spot is perfect for a quick meeting, a study break, and even more. If you’re really in love with the natural art photography and interior wood decor, then you’ll be happy to know that Baka Cafe also does space rentals for parties, meetings, and community events. Still not convinced that this place is the best? Then take a virtual tour of the coffee shop and see for yourself! You know a place is legit and with the times when they offer a virtual tour.

I am a huge fan of places that use wood furniture – it brings such an outdoorsy atmosphere inside. The cafe is really spacious and has comfortable seating on the first and second floor. There are even leather couches on the second floor to lounge with a nice book when you want a home away from home. The gallery makes Baka Cafe so unique. Who doesn’t want to sip on coffee while also looking at wildlife photography? The shots are truly amazing. The local artists they choose to feature, including their own owner’s work: John Marion, all have a great eye (and great patience!) to capture these wildlife photos. There are so many people who want to connect more with nature, and sharing these images are one of the ways they can do that. The next step will be bringing their lattes outside into High Park (which is not too far away…).

Thanks for the latte love, Baka Cafe!

Have you been to Baka Cafe? What is your favourite thing about it? Let me know in the comments below!

Baka Gallery Cafe
2256 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6S 1N6

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