Chinatown: Hong Kong Egg Waffles at Dragon City Mall

Dragon City Mall at Dundas and Spadina is a staple landmark in Chinatown that is a culturally significant place for the Chinese-Canadian community. There are a variety of businesses inside this mall, but hands down… View Post

The Cherry Blossoms are at Peak Bloom in front of the Ontario Legislature

Cherry blossoms in Toronto are a fleeting gift from Japan. Specifically, the three cherry blossom trees in front of the Ontario Legislature at Queens Park are a gift from the Japanese Consulate dating back to… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Sophia

Sophia Christou¬†(@sophia_christou17) Age: 23 | Profession: Graduate Student Sophia is an adventurous, intelligent, well-travelled millennial who lives between Toronto and Denmark. She has stories to share from all around the world, and her travel experiences… View Post

It’s the Last Day to Visit the Toronto Light Festival

The 2020 Toronto Light Festival at the Distillery District brightened up our lives for about a month since it opened on January 17. Today is the very last day to visit the historic, pedestrian-only district… View Post

Millennial Spotlight with Jasmine

Jasmine Solange (@s_by_solange) Age: 25 | Profession: Entrepreneur Jasmine is an artistic, creative soul who is chasing her dreams at full-speed and not letting anything stand in her way. I am pleased to talk with… View Post