8 Tips to Make the Most of Canada’s Wonderland Before the Season Ends

It’s September, and there are only two months left to visit Canada’s Wonderland for the summer operating season! You can still visit the amusement park on the weekends until the end of October for a one-time visit fee of around $30, but if I were you I would consider getting a season pass for $75 for unlimited use in 2018 and 2019. At that price, you would get your money’s worth in 3 trips and get other perks like discounts to Halloween Haunt and, the new for November 2019 event, Winterfest. Another exciting thing for next year is the opening of “Yukon Striker” which is promoted as the fastest, longest and tallest dive roller coaster – if you’re up for that. Here are 8 tips to make the most out of your day for a perfect Canada’s Wonderland trip.


The Behemoth at sunset

1. Go on the tallest, fastest, and scariest rides
Every time I visit I always have to go on the Behemoth, Leviathan, Drop Tower, Vortex and the Bat. Any other ride is a plus. These rides are some of the most thrilling that Wonderland has to offer, but if you want something more low-key just look on the website and you can find rides with a lower thrill rating. I was lucky that the lines weren’t long, but a pro-tip for avoiding long lines is to go early in the mornings, a couple hours before closing, on a partially rainy day if you don’t mind a little drizzle, or on a statutory holiday like Labour Day when the kids are focusing on back-to-school shopping.


Splash Works is at the back of the park

2. Pack your swimsuit and towel to go to Splash Works
I rarely visit Splash Works when I come to Wonderland, but if the weather permits I would 100% recommend it. The new waterslide – Muskoka Plunge – is SOOO scary. The. scariest. You step into a chamber and wait for a 3-2-1 countdown to drop you into the waterslide where you are freefalling at a vertical drop for a little bit before the slide curves. The ground on your feet literally disappears. This drop system is the first of its kind in Canada, so don’t miss it! There are also many other waterslides, a wave pool, lazy river, and splash pads.


This squirtle is joining the Pokemon plush toy collection!

3. Play (and win) one of the many carnival games
Season pass holders can play Wac-a-Mole for just $2. That is actually a steal. It only took a couple of tries to win this prize (6 dollars worth to be precise). There were so many cute prizes at the park that I wanted like the powerpuff girls, Peppa pig, cactus’ that said “hug me”, and morty from Rick & Morty. I love games and prizes so much that I wrote a whole other post about it – check it out here.


The dive show in the Medieval Times section

4. Watch one of the shows like the diving show or indoor acrobatic show
I think alot of people miss out on the shows which is a shame because they are amazing! The dive show had a bit with a flyboard which is a device that uses water to shoot you up into the air. The Canadian-themed acrobatic show in Wonderland theater is also very entertaining.


All smiles while getting their caricatures drawn

5. Take a personalized caricature drawing home
There are alot of artistic booths around the park where you can take home caricatures of yourself if you’re feeling super artistic. There are also face-paintings and henna tattoos that you can get.


Craving funnel cake yet?!

6. Share a funnel cake with your friends
Funnel cake is a must-have dessert when going to Wonderland. The fried goodness will be well worth it after all the walking you will be doing (my Fitbit said I lost 4000 calories by the end of the day!).


Me being extra with these cute pink flowers

7. Enjoy the beautiful flower beds, trees, and rolling hills at the park
There are thousands of flowers in the park that are actually very nicely arranged. I didn’t really think of Wonderland as a spot to look at gardens, but the park is so huge so they use flowers, trees, and hills to fill it up and they do a darn good job at it too.


The grand entrance when you walk in at Wonderland

8. Be mesmerized by the huge mountain and colourful waterfalls
The park at night is very, very nice. It is a romantic spot to be with your partner because the waterfalls are just dancing with colour and the lights on the trees start to come on and it makes the entire park feel so magical. Hey, we don’t have Disney World here so we have to make do with something! Even though the mountain is super fake, the waterfall itself is pretty neat. If you’re lucky, you can also catch a diver jumping off the cliff.

You can visit the Canada’s Wonderland website to learn more.

Have you been to Canada’s Wonderland? Comment below about a ride you like to go on!

Photo credit goes to this millennial: Patrick Gurges (@patrickgurges)

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