7 Baker: Toronto’s New Spot to Get Charcoal Buns

7 Baker is a new Euro-Asian bakery that just opened up this month on the corner of Yonge and Wellesley. The petite bakery offers unique and colourful breads and desserts which include charcoal buns and matcha croissants. Lately, Toronto millennials have been obsessed with charcoal icecream and charcoal fresh-pressed juices, but now there are charcoal buns! Charcoal is really having its shining moment. You can choose from a variety of bun flavours such as Inka Bonbon (squid ink and takoyaki), charcoal salted egg yolk (meat and salted egg yolk), crab salad (crab meat, vegetables and cream cheese), and even charcoal hotdog buns.

The inside of this bakery is filled with bright lights and fun decor like the “Find your delight” neon lights and yellow-framed photos. Whoever designed those graphics did an amazing job. I would spend some time just looking at the cute art!

There are alot more than charcoal pastries here. I think the Euro-Asian description of this bakery is really apparent in the matcha croissant because there is the fusion of a Japanese matcha flavour in a classic French pastry. It’s a delicious treat. A major priority for the local bakery is to offer health-conscious products that are low in sugar, sodium, oil, preservatives and trans fatty acids.

Once you’ve picked up your baked goods, don’t forget to check out their desserts! Their desserts are aesthetically-pleasing pieces of art. I had to look at my geometric heart-shaped earl grey & peach mousse dessert (the “Fes”) for a while before digging in. They have delicious mousse treats such as the pineapple-coconut mousse cake called “Puerto Rico” and the raspberry-lychee heart mousse cake called the “Vienna”.
Have you been to 7 Baker? What is your favourite pastry/dessert? Let me know in the comments below!

7 Baker
3 Wellesley St W.
Toronto, ON M4Y 1E8

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