5 Instagram Dogs & Dozer the Pig Spotted at the Canadian Pet Expo

The Canadian Pet Expo happened early this September and it was all about celebrating animals including dogs, cats, pigs, reptiles, birds, rodents, and more. Pet owners can bring their pets on down to the event and entertain themselves with shows (canine frisbee, chihuahua races, etc.), accessories, toys, and lots and lots of treats! All the pets here have so much love from their owners, but some of them also have a HUGE Instagram following so they get love (and pets) from their fans. Check out the canine and pig Instagram stars below.

Ryder the Samoyed (@samdersoncooper_samoyed | 69.7K followers)

1. Ryder the Samoyed
This is not Ryder the Samoyed’s first meet and greet. He clearly knows how to man a table! Ryder has looks that will melt your heart, fur that will feel like a fluffy cloud in your hands, and even better, a collection of hats that he models on his Instagram. Check it out!

Horton McSnorton (@hortonmcsnorton | 24.5K followers)

2. Horton McSnorton
Who doesn’t smile when looking at this face? That twinkle in Horton’s eye is killing me. Even if you didn’t know that this Frenchie is an Instagram star, you would know that he’s a star as soon as you meet him. He just has that personality that demands your attention and love. What a cutie!

Tofu the Chow (@tofu_the_chow | 14.4K followers)

3. Tofu the Chow
Tofu the Chow is the definition of floof! He was so happy to walk up to everyone around him. I’m sure his ears were perked up like that all day. Tofu is only around 1 year old, but he’s killing it on Instagram!

Kobe, the Shiba Inu (@doge_crew | 1,067 followers)

4. Kobe, the Shiba Inu
Kobe, the Shiba Inu, is part of a squad even more desirable than Taylor Swift’s. It’s called the Toronto Shiba Squad. Check them out on Instagram – they are all about feeding the internet’s Shiba Inu obsession. His owner’s were super friendly as well (always a bonus!).

Miniature goldendoodle (@stormtheweatherdog | 956 followers) with a German Shepherd friend

5. Storm, the Miniature Goldendoodle Weather Dog
We’ve seen support dogs, police dogs, and emergency rescue dogs, but who knew that dogs were also weather forecasters? They can do it all! Storm the weather dog and his German Shepherd friend were reporting for Global News at the time this photo was taken. They are very hard at work.

Dozer the Pig (@dozerthepig | 576 followers)

6. Dozer the Pig
I really didn’t know a pig would be here. But I am really not complaining at all. Pigs are adorable – look at that ONE TOOTH in that huge smile! And those golden nails?! Wow. Dozer the pig really knows how to please his fans. He was so energetic when his fans were saying hi!

If you wanted to learn more about the Canadian Pet Expo, you can check out their website.

What cuties! Did you recognize any of those names? Let me know in the comments below!

Canadian Pet Expo
The International Centre
6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8

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