3 Spots to Boost your Instagram Game at Taiyaki NYC

IMG_3648.JPGTaiyaki NYC just had its grand opening 3 days ago and I have no doubt that you’ve seen post after post of the dessert place since then. If you haven’t, then I promise you that there are plenty of opportunities to take cute pictures of your icecream + squad. Taiyaki NYC is truly a goldmine for Instagram pictures. Obviously go to taste the delicious icecream in a hot, savoury fish cake with hints of red bean filling, and admire the decor as a bonus! This fish-shaped icecream dessert originates from Japan and is made using pancake-like batter that is cooked in a fish mould. It’s a sweet, traditional treat in Asia that has made its way to NYC and now Toronto. It is right in the downtown core just a couple minutes away from the Eaton Centre.


We had to decide whether we wanted icecream or a slush. They only offer taro slush which comes with a unicorn float, but their selection of icecream is much larger. The taiyaki flavours include the classic, choco-lit, matcha better, straight outta Japan, golden roast, unicorn taiyaki, and traditional taiyaki. You can also build your own icecream by selecting your cup or fish/waffle cone, a flavour (incl. vanilla, chocolate, hojicha, matcha, black sesame, matcha black sesame mix, or mango), drizzle, and toppings (incl. rainbow mochi, wafer sticks, coconut flakes, unicorn sprinkles!). Talk about a major improvement from regular icecream!

After eating our icecream, it was time to talk about the major Instagram spots in this store. I noticed 3 main places that people were taking pictures that you can use the next time you visit Taiyaki NYC!


1. The pink flower wall
Do I even have to sell you on this? Flower walls are so in and they make great backdrops that make you forget all about the grey streetscape in Toronto and the inevitable cruel winter ahead. Alot of dessert places have been incorporating flower walls in their stores, and I’m all for it.


2. The coloured walls & spotlights
Your personalized, build-your-own icecream is the centre of attention under these playful lights and coloured walls. You can choose between the pink, purple or green backgrounds to display your creation.


3. The “What a Catch” pink neon sign
You’ve got your fish cone! What a delicious catch! You know who is also a catch? The beautiful date you took to Taiyaki NYC. I’m sure they put that pink neon sign by the door to remind you how lucky you are to have yummy icecream and amazing company.

Have you been to Taiyaki NYC? Which is your favourite icecream? Let me know in the comments below!

Taiyaki NYC – Toronto
128 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, ON M5G 1C3


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