3 Places to Get Donuts Less than 15 Minutes from UofT Campus

If you’re at UofT, St. George and you are just craving the sweetest of treats, have no fear because your campus donut guide is here! I’ve listed three places that are a 15-min walk from campus where you can get thick, flavorful donuts. Go ahead and treat yourself while also getting some fresh air. Take a look at these places and give them a try the next time you need a break. They all have really unique flavours that I wouldn’t pass up!

 1. Jelly Modern Doughnuts
376 College Street

Jelly Modern Donuts is extremely aesthetically pleasing on the inside. It is especially refreshing for a store on College Street, and it’s nice to walk in and see their donuts displayed on a pristine white board. This is not your typical Tim Hortons. They describe their gourmet donuts as “artisan treats” because their donuts are preservative-free and have high quality ingredients that are supplied by local providers. They are also committed to the environment as they use eco-friendly packaging and bamboo materials for the interior of their contemporary cafe. And we haven’t even talked about their donuts yet! They bake all their donuts fresh at the beginning of the day and hand-craft each piece using special icings, glazes and fillings. The donut flavours I go for are the vanilla birthday cake, coconut, creme brulee, maple bacon and smores! Their donuts are huge though so I would share one with a friend if you aren’t too hungry. Or not. No one’s judging you in donut land.

Jelly Modern Donuts sells one gourmet donut for $2.75 and a dozen for $29.95.

IMG_48762. Dipped Donuts Inc.

161 Baldwin Street

Dipped Donuts Inc. is a brand new donut shop that opened up only this year! I actually walked right past it when I was in Kensington Market and I had to be taken back to the store because I really just totally missed it. It is not a traditional store that you walk into, but instead customers order at the window. They have one table infront of their store and a couple of chairs available for customers to sit, but this is more of a pick-up your donut and go place. This specialty store sells rotating mouthwatering flavours like lemon lavender, Vietnamese coffee, strawberry coconut lemonade, cookies and creme, london fog and rosewater pistachio. I had the Vietnamese coffee (obviously – had to respect my Vietnamese heritage) and loved the thin glaze, coffee bean and the fact that the donut didn’t feel greasy/oily.

Dipped Donuts Inc. sells their gourmet donuts for $3.00 each.

3. Krispy Kreme
164 McCaul Street

I’m sure you’ve had Krispy Kreme sometime in your life. It is the classic, OG donut store that you can go in, sit down with your donut and coffee, and just expect a satisfactory experience. This should be the case because they have been making fresh donuts for 75 years now with their first store that began in North Carolina, USA. They are the first to come up with and perfect glazed donuts, so we should be expecting nothing but the best from a store that has been in business for decades! Krispy Kreme has alot of basic flavours, but often brings in odd, creative flavours like the cake batter one you see above. If you are trying this donut store for the first time, I’d get the original glaze and one of their new, daring flavoured donuts to compare tastes!

Krispy Kreme sells their donuts for $1.15 and a dozen for $9.75.

What’s your favourite donut flavour? Let me know in the comments below!

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