10 Ways to Get your Fall on at Downey’s Farm

Pumpkin patch pictures incoming

It’s FALL!!! There is something about this sea of orange that makes my basic girl senses tingle. Is it the endless opportunities to take photos? The chance to bake delicious pumpkin pie? The change in scenery and indication of fall? Whatever it is, this is such an exciting time to take in all that pumpkin farms have to offer. The pumpkin season happens in such a short time frame so you won’t want to miss the chance to go to farms outside of Toronto that offer great viewing opportunities. Downey’s farm in Caledon, Ontario hosts a Pumpkinfest from Sept 22-Oct 31 where you can buy all the pumpkins your heart desires and also take in Halloween decorations, a corn maze, and so much more for an entry fee of around $10-15 (depends if you go on a weekday/weekend). Here are 10 ways to spend your time at Downey’s Farm.

You can find all the fall vegetables your heart desires at this farm

1. Go pumpkin shopping
There’s a wide selection of squash available to buy at this farm. The store is setup outside of the actual Pumpkinfest festivities so you do not need an entry-fee to purchase your pumpkins.

Enter the corn maze! Or shall I call it, the maize maze?

2. Get lost in the corn maze
The corn maze area is really large and the corn is quite tall so you won’t be able to see your way out. The path is pretty well-kept and not too claustrophobic. Inside the maze you can also find small things to do to keep you entertained like read riddles or visit stamp stations.

I. love. cows.

3. Meet the farm animals…
There’s a small farm section that has cows, sheep, goats, bunnies, and more.

Wool you please let me pet you?

4. …then pet them all
You can go right up to some of the animals and pet them. So much floof!

The entrance to the haunted house

5. Go through the haunted house
Who doesn’t love a haunted house? This one has a huge troll inside of it that is not to be missed. If you really can’t make it out to Downey’s Farm, just look anywhere on YouTube for your daily troll fix (I do not recommend this).

The skeleton band actually plays great music

6. Enjoy the Halloween decorations
There are tons of halloween decorations, like the skeleton band above, that are scattered all around the farm.

Where else can you sit in on a puppet show?

7. Catch a fall-themed puppet show
The cutest thing about this puppet show besides the puppets themselves is the fact that the area is surrounded by hay. The hay theater is a unique fall treat!

Found Snow white and the dwarfs in the forest

8. Take a wagon ride around the farm to see a collection of your favourite childhood fairytales
Once you get into the Pumpkinfest area of Downey’s Farm, you can take unlimited wagon rides that go around the farm. The farm is quite large so the wagon rides can be upwards of 15-20 minutes. It slows down a bit once you are actually in the magic forest. The unique part about the wagon ride is that it goes into a forested area where fairytale characters like Snow White, the three little pigs, and more are set up at each turn.

Which one should we eat first?!

9. Eat delicious cookies and other sweets baked at the farm
There are a bunch of savoury and sweet food stands to buy food from. After we shared mac-and-cheese and poutine, we picked up these ghoulish sugar cookies to enjoy on our wagon ride (treat yo self).

10. Take a billion photos with hay, corn, and pumpkins galore
Don’t forget your camera!

Here is a map of the farm activities to help you plan your trip:

Credit: Downey’s Farm

Visit the Downey Farm Pumpkinfest website to learn more.

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Millennials featured in this article: Helen (@helon.vn)

Downey’s Farm
13682 Heart Lake Rd
Inglewood, ON L7C 2J5

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